My Leadership Compass At-A-Glance:

  • Christian worldview
  • Designed for 10th, 11th, and 12th graders, as well as advanced 9th grade students
  • Interesting journey-themed text includes:
    • Teen-relevant topics
    • Leadership-focused principles
    • Content-supporting activities to accommodate one or many students
  • Teacher Edition includes:
    • Entire student text
    • Answers to questions and activities
    • Excellent teacher supports
    • Comprehensive 90-day lesson plan
      • Minimal teacher preparation
      • In-depth daily lessons are rigorous, yet structured for 52 minutes each
      • The rigorous content of the daily lessons could easy be converted to a 180-day course
      • All-inclusive; no materials for the teacher to gather, no need to augment content
    • Minimal teacher prep and oversight required
    • Expected outcomes:
      • Identify and apply characteristics of a true leader
      • Discuss and demonstrate integrity
      • Define physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual boundaries and examine failed and maintained boundaries
      • Identify and prioritize principles of managing money and time
      • Demonstrate an understanding of faulty reasoning and clear communication
      • Select, organize, plan, and carry out a project using SMART principles
      • Design and deliver a Capstone Presentation
      • Explore, discover, and begin to develop personal strengths and God-given abilities as they learn to lead, mentor, give back, and more importantly, uncover who they are in Christ

My Leadership Compass will challenge your students to earnestly seek and develop the gifts, talents, and skills God has given them for their good and His glory. When we choose to live our lives—the daily tasks, life challenging events, and the thrilling joys—in such a way that draws others to the Lord, then we are living true leadership. This study seeks to interweave psychological principles with leadership development and skills. My Leadership Compass facilitates what might very well be the most important task of your students’ lives—that of looking deep inside with an expectation of discovering more of who God is and who He created them to be in Him. In turn, students will be able to give back to Him as servant-leaders.

This leadership curriculum, although threaded with biblical principles and truths throughout, is not intended to replace a Bible curriculum. While some scripture is included, in order to maximize the effectiveness of this course, access to a Bible while working through this text is required.

My Leadership Compass: A Christ-Centered High School Curriculum is a culmination of the authors’ experiences and education. The information is provided to foster the three concurrent parallel journeys of the reader, specifically, the journeys of leadership, personal development, and spiritual growth.

My Leadership Compass: A Christ-Centered High School Curriculum, in whole or in part, is not intended to replace or be interpreted as pastoral, therapeutic, or professional counseling.

Students are challenged to grow, excel, and as a result, impact the world.